Quest Hooks

Quest Hooks in and around Torch:

  • Scrap heap (Scar of the Spider) – Big scrap heap is located a few days west of town. Too high level for us right now
  • Several of the southern locations have monsters that need dealing with eventually
  • Forest Drake hunt – rumors of a dragon haunting the southern woods, probably a forest drake
  • troll blood – local alchemist wants some trolls blood for healing potions
  • Shamble Sap – shambling mounds are not unheard of, a local herbalist wants some sap from one shambling mound

Complete Quests:

  • Kobolds -bounty from Oska to find their lair and ensure that they are not going to continue to be a threat.
  • Mites – a band of mites have infested the old sycamore, a giant tree way to the south; they robbed the bandits who were robbing the town.
  • Wedding Ring – Svetlana is missing her wedding ring.
  • Temple – There’s some kind of ruined temple place west of the bandit camp – the bandits have been too chicken to go investigate because there’s some kind of monster guarding it, but they assume there’s treasure there. The monster is like a giant bear
  • Tuskgutter – a giant boar creature – one of the local hunters, who is retired, lost his leg to the thing, he promises masterwork longbow and special arrows to anyone who manages to kill him; he’ll share the headcheese!
  • Tatzlwyrm – a bounty from Oleg – he wants an undamaged head as a trophy for his tavern
  • Falgrim Sneeg – Kesten the Layabout posted one for the capture of a man named Falgrim Sneeg; if we bring him alive, we get 4 masterwork weapons of our choice. Falgrim robbed Kesten and ran off into the Greenbelt. That’s part of why Kesten is here
  • Bokken’s Fangberries – he wants some fangberries because he’s old. Enough to make a decent number of potions. He’ll give us a discount on potions purchased directly from him.
  • TREASURE!! – We have a treasure map for treasure. Northeast of the sycamore, where there aren’t many trees around, there are a few other trees like the one in the map, but not actually in the hex with the sycamore; there’s a story going around about a bandit who hid a bunch of loot from the stag lord and got executed, may be this (he robbed a wizard)
  • Bandits – Oska posted a bounty to capture or kill at least 6 bandits. We’ve completed this one, but Oska has to send away to Restov for our reward.
  • Red Dot Hex – Pyria saw an illusory goblin here. We left a fey offering and it was accepted
  • Robot Uprising – some villagers found a ruin near Thornfall. They left it alone, but they spotted someone (possibly Mayanda) near it recently. We should go check it out.
  • northern howls – a ferocious warg stalks the Kamelands – Howl of the North Wind – been eating bandits and hunters for years – we’ve already done this one

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