NPC List

Town of Torch (Oleg’s Trading Post)

  • Oleg and Svetlana Leveton – Oleg is quiet and reserved, a little gruff; Svetlana is cheery and talkative. They run the trading post. Oleg has a horse named Claptrap. He’s a little fussy about the idea of bringing in outsiders to deal with the problems. Oleg is a little skittish about the Tengu in the party.
  • Khonnor Blaine – mage and technologist; he is the sole source of why the town has fresh water – he developed a way to purify the water of the Weeping Pond, up on the black hill. He’s a fairly strong wizard. He dealt with banditry previously. He recently returned from a visit to Alkenstar City to do some research for improving his water filtration system.
  • Val Blaine – Connor’s daughter; she runs the tavern and looks like a cowgirl. She’s a kind of wizard and her father’s apprentice.
  • Dolga – a female dwarf smith with some combat expertise
  • Garret Burrwaddle – ‘Junkmaster’ – he runs the Junkyard and has spent several decades collecting trash. He sells stuff to scavengers and adventurers, spare parts for tech. He is a bleachling gnome. He is extremely depressed and generally detached from society and other people.
  • Smeltrunner Oskah – kind of unofficial town mayor or village manager and manages the smelteries; The Quest Giver – a middle aged human woman with tanned skin. She keeps a bounty board in her office
  • Kesten Garess the Layabout – he is a member of House Garess and has been disowned but no one knows why. Rumor says it was knocking up the wrong person, but this is likely just a story.

The Bandits

  • ​**Kressle​** – female axe-wielding leader of the bandits bothering Torch; she wears one of the Stag Lord’s amulets and is an unrepentant bandit; violent and disagreeable; soon to be a member of Krankor’s Texas Rangers
  • ​**Terrek​** – a gnome terrorist gunslinger; a bandit who wears one of the Stag Lord’s amulets, deceased
  • ​**The Stag Lord​** – leader of a collection of unusually organized bandits; a monster of a man who calls himself the Stag Lord. He’s a great shot with a bow and really strong. He has a creepy stag helmet he always wears

Kingdom NPCs

  • Nakpik the Bold Kobold – a Sootscale kobold we rescued from the mites, now a rogue under Resist
  • Chief Sootscale – Chief of the Sootscale tribe (aptly enough); he is amenable to joining the kingdom as either radish farmers or silver miners, or both, when the kingdom is founded
  • Mikmek – one of the League of Skittering Dragons, a kobold cavalier
  • Okzig – one of the League of Skittering Dragons, a kobold hunter
  • Mira Altew- caravan master warrior type, a female half elf mercenary with red hair – we have made her Warden, once she is done with her caravan duties
  • Finnan High-hill – halfling hunter, male survivalist; he is in charge of the caravan escorts; a generally relaxed and jovial fellow
  • Grigori – a tiefling bard; he and Shelynion hit it off well, and he has been appointed as councilor; he came because of the possibilities of material for epic tales and songs
  • Ajah the Firebrand – male ifrit, fire specialist, mixed classes
  • Meyanda – Eeeeevil. She serves an evil god.
  • Mariel – a female elven cleric of Abadar, traveling to Thornfall to evaluate the possibilities and potentially to become our High Priest(ess)
  • Lumiriel – a female peri-blooded aasimar (emberkin) – arcane soldier, eldritch battlemage, favored of Ragathiel; she is hoping to get a position to found a military school because she believes that if the worldwound isn’t taken care of, it’ll consume the world, maybe was part of the crusade, forging bonds with outsiders or using magic to enhance military
  • Varia – female human aristocrat, she doesn’t want anything to do with Lavius, she’s pretty nice, a little naive, she’s got a bunch of servants and fancy covered wagon, this is all kind of an adventure, she’s deliberately trying to mysterious, Shelynion thinks she’s Galtan (that’s a nation that’s southeast of Restov)
  • Lavius – male human aristocrat, thinks commoners are all scum – he’s here because he sees an opportunity and wants to keep the rabble in line (he might get eaten on the way to Torch under mysterious circumstances)
  • Hiemried, Romar, and Kaina – dwarven thugs – we’re sure they’re up to no good
  • Loy and Latricia Resbin – a pair of settlers who are building the settlement Tatzlford.


  • Bokken – “crazy” old hermit; he makes potions and makes them extra tasty. He will give us a discount on potions if we find some fangberries for him.
  • Grabbles – leader of the mites
  • Tartuk – a very dead kobold shaman, formerly a gnome with a really messed up backstory
  • Korax – jerk woodcutter harassing the nixie
  • Gnarlthropple – a gnome explorer
  • Teressia – a dryad
  • Melianse – a nixie
  • Pearlovash and Thistle – a faerie dragon and a sprite

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