74 gp
60 sp
42 cp
(2000 gp in the bank for Pranav to get a stat boost item when we have 5000 gp for him)

10 days of food

4 Stag Lord amulets
3 green glass crystal shard

6 leather armor
6 short sword
6 longbows
4 daggers
chain shirt
2 masterwork hand axes
MW light metal shield
MW hand axe
MW dagger

+1 Ranseur
silver ring (75 gp)
spellbook – 5 spells that are still intact – identify, mage armor, reduce person, unseen servant, silent image

3 pieces of amber worth 300 gp total
silver ring (65 gp)
robe of bones (2400 gp)

2 potions of cure moderate
5 good berries
1 extra tree feather token
MW longbow
MW sickle
178 gp

remarkably well preserved mithril statue of a beautiful elf woman – representation of Findeladalara, goddess of art and architecture – worth 1200 gp
urn of gems – 119 gp, 130 sp, 1800 gp worth of gems, 1600 cp
2 scrolls – eagle’s splendor, obscuring mist (divine)
3 +1 short swords
large chest – fine velvet cloak (10 gp), gold necklace (100 gp), silver ring with emerald (300 gp), jeweled masterwork shortsword (510 gp), collection of moonstones (60gp)
scroll of owl’s wisdom
1000 gp worth of gems
430 gp, 1600 sp, 5300 cp
potion of cure moderate
potion of cure light wounds
oil of light
scroll of blur
divine scroll of shifting sands
wand of silence – 50 charges (4500 gp)

life-sized alabaster statue of a nude dancing elven woman (900 gp and weighs 500 lbs)
MW harp
small jade statue of a coiling snake (75 gp)
ancient filigree water clock (200 lbs and worth 1000 gp)
bearskin coverlet (50 gp)
finely carved wooden wardrobe holding 2 royal outfits (200 gp apiece) and 3 courtier outfits (30 gp apiece)
small wooden coffer on a rosewood table with 3 vials of exotic perfume (100 gp apeice)
gem studded tiara worth 350 gp
Elixir of Love
Chest with 431 sp, 370 gp

pile of worthless shiny objects
polished wooden case with some potent herbal liquor, 8 bottles each worth 20 gp – that’s supposed to go to the stag lord

1 high quality silver circlet made by Lauresselin
250 gp worth of jewelry also made by Lauresselin
2 noble clothing sets

Oleg’s Trading Post has a limit of 1000gp of non-magical gear
People rations are 5 sp per day per person
Animal rations are 5 cp per day per animal (regardless of type)

21845.7 XP per person total (Level 5 is 23000 XP)

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