1193 gp, 2398 per person
0 sp
0 cp
(4398 gp in the bank for Pranav to get a stat boost item when we have 5000 gp for him)

10 days of food

4 Stag Lord amulets
3 green glass crystal shard

oil of light
wand of silence – 50 charges (4500 gp)

pile of worthless shiny objects
polished wooden case with some potent herbal liquor, 8 bottles each worth 20 gp – that’s supposed to go to the stag lord

1 high quality silver circlet made by Lauresselin
250 gp worth of jewelry also made by Lauresselin
2 noble clothing sets
2 royal outfits (200 gp apiece) and 3 courtier outfits (30 gp apiece)
gem studded tiara worth 350 gp

life-sized alabaster statue of a nude dancing elven woman (900 gp and weighs 500 lbs) – Kevin
ancient filigree water clock (200 lbs and worth 1000 gp) – Gina
remarkably well preserved mithril statue of a beautiful elf woman – representation of Findeladalara, goddess of art and architecture – worth 1200 gp (Gina)

276 gp in gem
3 scrolls – divine (darkness), arcane (summon swarm), arcane (faerie fire)
potion of shield of faith
wand of identify – 750
+2 faybane longspear – Ryan
2x +1 falchion

cyphers –
24 hr motion sensor alarm – anything larger than a small dog up to 0.5 mile away – “3 part alarm” – used

ultimate grapnel – 1 shot immovable rod

message capsule – up to a minute’s worth of spoken message, then give it a description and then teleports there within 100 hours

far away ear – parabolic microphone

cloak of resistance +1
2 MW short sword
a black access card
fully functional flashlight and 33 silver disks
3 batteries
small bin that has a lock on it, made of glossite
2 bang grenades
a flash grenade
1 soft grenade
a suit of neraplast armor
timeworn stun gun with 5 charges

3 timeworn flare guns
massive package of goo tubes – 120 tubes, all different flavors
+1 light hammer
3 MW light hammers
single unruined MW chainmail
ring of protection +1
3 fungus-encrusted potions of CMW
20 gp

Oleg’s Trading Post has a limit of 1000gp of non-magical gear (he has a wand of cat’s grace)
People rations are 5 sp per day per person
Animal rations are 5 cp per day per animal (regardless of type)

35190.6 XP per person total (Level 7 is 53,000 XP)


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