Lauresselin Simarith


  • Lauresselin Simarith – 217 year old elven wizard (PC)
  • Aurelimar Simarith – 220 year old elven expert (scholar), Lauresselin’s husband who has accompanied her to Torch
  • Vanamaril Simarith – daughter of Lauresselin and Aurelimar, 83 year old wizard apprenticed to Allaras Silbarat (born when Lauresselin was 134)
  • Rilmanor Simarith – son of Lauresselin and Aurelimar, 56 year old cleric acolyte of Yuelral (elven goddess of magic) in Restov (born when Lauresselin was 161)
  • Allaras Silbarat – elven wizard living in Restov, 358 years old, mentor to Lauresselin and then to Vanamaril
  • Perilinel Revorian – Lauresselin’s older sister, 256 years old, a well-respected painter in Restov
  • Gallorias Revorian – Lauresselin’s younger sister, 212 years old, a graduate of the Aldori Academy of Restov and an Aldori Swordlord
  • Fenthil Simarith – Aurelimar’s father, 377 years old, bookbinder and bookseller in Restov
  • Jaliel Simarith – (nee Vanil) Aurelimar’s mother, 382 years old, bookbinder and bookseller in Restov
  • Narissin Simarith – Aurelimar’s older brother, 261 years old, bookbinder and bookseller in Restov
  • Balasia Lethurik – (nee Simarith) Aurelimar’s younger sister, a tanner, 168 years old
  • Calan Lethurik – Aurelimar’s brother-in-law, a half-elven tanner, 82 years old
  • Seles Lethurik – Balasia and Calan’s half elven daughter, 35 years old


  • Marisal Revorian – (nee Yelauras) Lauresselin’s mother, deceased; a wizard who died during the rampage of red dragons across Rostland during the conquest of Choral the Conquerer
  • Hallas Revorian – Lauresselin’s father, deceased; a soldier who died at the Valley of Fire during the conquest of Choral the Conquerer
  • Helennia Simarith – (nee Veris) Narissin’s human wife, deceased (old age)
  • Kormad Simarith – Narissin’s half elven son, deceased (old age)


  • Shelynion: employed by his family for the last year and a half or so to do wizardly work
  • Raz Keshar: a longtime patron of the Simarith family business
  • Ishri: met through the lich (potentially s/he traveled to Restov to collect books for the lich occasionally?)

The Core Rulebook states that elves reach adulthood at 110. I did some reading about elven youth and adolescence to get some idea about how that works, exactly, and the best resource was “Races of the Wild” (although that IS a 3.5E resource, it made sense, and seems to be generally accepted for both 3.5E and Pathfinder, and it also jives with how 4E handles it). It states that although adulthood is listed as 110 for elves, they still reach physical maturity at around 25 or 30 years old. They are simply considered too young to be adults at that point, however. So I am assuming this to be the case, so Lauresselin’s children are not adults in elven society, but they are not children in the human sense of the word.

Lauresselin’s Background:
Lauresselin’s parents, Marisal and Hallas Revorian, were adventurers. They were both born in Kyonin in the city of Greengold, and they left it in 4431, when they were both around 120 years old. They adventured for a number of years and eventually came to Rostland. Marisal was at that time pregnant with their first child, and so they decided to settle in Restov in 4453. Marisal set up a potion shop, and Hallas took service as a soldier with the Aldori Swordlords. They lived peacefully in Restov for another 46 years, during which time they had three daughters: Perilinel in 4453, Lauresselin in 4492, and Gallorias in 4497.
In 4499, Choral the Conquerer invaded Rostland. Hallas, being in service with the Swordlords, marched with the Rostland army and died at the Valley of Fire, when Choral’s red dragons decimated it. Following this defeat, the red dragons rampaged across Rostland, including Restov. Marisal was one of the many casualties, leaving the three daughters orphaned.
Perilinel was 46, Lauresselin 7, and Gallorias only 2. Perilinel, while not an adult in elven terms, was old enough to manage to take care of her two sisters, and became the mother figure for both. She was, however, not capable of making the potions that her mother had sold in their potion shop and was forced to sell it. Being young and naïve, the merchant that purchased it paid barely a quarter what it was worth, and the money did not last long. The three were extremely poor and lived in the slums, begging and often stealing, for the next 10 years.
When she was 17, in 4509, Lauresselin, who had always been a prodigy, met the young wizard Allaras Silbarat, when he was investigating something in the slums. She was practicing simple cantrips that she had managed to teach herself. Impressed by her ability despite being self-taught and very young for an elf, he agreed to take her on as his apprentice. Lauresselin, however, was unwilling to abandon her sisters to their hard lives in the slums while she lived in comfort and relative luxury, Allaras already being well-known and wealthy despite only being 158 at the time. After some discussion, Allaras ended up taking in all three girls, although the other two were uninterested in learning much magic beyond simple cantrips. He found an apprenticeship for Perilinel with a local glassblower (a human).
30 years later, Perilinel’s master retired, and she took over his business. With the increase in wealth, she purchased a home for herself. In her spare time, she taught herself to paint and eventually attained enough success in doing portraits and selling her paintings that she was able to sell her glassblowing business and dedicate herself to painting fulltime. A few months after Perilinel moved out, Allaras managed to arrange for Gallorias to enter the Aldori Academy, where she studied the Aldori style of fighting and eventually became an Aldori Swordlord. Meanwhile, Lauresselin remained with Allaras, learning the arts of wizardry.
During these early years living with Allaras, Lauresselin was introduced to the Simarith family. Allaras frequented their bookshop and knew Fenthil and Jaliel, the owners, quite well. Their younger son Aurelimar, being close in age to Lauresselin and Gallorias, became a good friend and valued companion for both young women. Fairly few elves live in Brevoy compared to those of other races (although the largest elven population in the region is in Restov), making the friendship between the two families all the more valuable to them.
Lauresselin and Aurelimar were married in 4604, shortly after Lauresselin turned 112. Aurelimar helped the family business and worked occasionally as a scribe, while Lauresselin provided the shop with scrolls for cantrips to sell. While she and her husband moved into a home of their own, she continued her studies with Allaras for about another 20 years, when their daughter Vanamaril was born, followed 27 years later by their son Rilmanor. When her daughter was born, she chose to temporarily discontinue her study of magic with Allaras. The loss of her own mother at such a young age filled her with a desire to be present for her own children, at least while they were small, and her elven lifespan promised more than enough time to study and grow in power after they were grown.
Vanamaril inherited her mother’s abilities with magic, and so when she was 52, Allaras agreed to take her own as an apprentice.
Twenty years later, open unrest and discord erupted in Brevoy when the entirety of House Rogarvia disappeared. Lauresselin and Aurelimar had no love for that House, but they also feared the consequences of a civil war. While House Surtova took the throne, the political situation remained precarious.
Lauresselin began at this time to desire to return to her study of magic, desiring the power that it might grant her to protect her family against the unrest that shook the kingdom. Rilmanor, however, was only 46 at the time. It was not for another 7 years that he decided to enter a novitiate at the small temple of Yuelal, elven goddess of magic, in Restov. With both children placed in occupations of their own choosing, Lauresselin was free to resume her studies with a renewed sense of urgency.
Two years later, Gallorias recommended her to House Medveyn, which was looking for a wizard to perform some work for them and potentially to join in a venture which they, along with the Swordlords of Restov and the other southern lords, were considering funding. House Medveyn approached her, and Lauresselin agreed.
The following year (the present year), the southern lords formally offered Lauresselin, along with several other adventurers and the son of House Medveyn, a charter to explore the Stolen Lands with the potential to form new lands under their own rule. The opportunity ignited Lauresselin’s ambition, for she had originally chosen to study magic in order to gain power to rule her own destiny and to protect her family, but until this point, she had not seen any real method of fulfilling that desire. The possibility of forming a new kingdom, one she could be involved in ruling, was one she could not pass up.

Aurelimar’s Background:
Aurelimar and his family are Forlorn. Their ancestors remained on Golarion when the majority of the elves fled the predicted destruction of Earthfall. They have lived in and around Restov for several generations.
His parents, Fenthil and Jaliel, were both born in Restov and have lived there their entire lives. They are bookbinders and run a bookstore and bookbinding and printing business. They are relatively wealthy, considering the expense and difficulty of creating books, and they have clients and dealings with merchants all over Brevoy.
Their two sons, Narissin and Aurelimar, were born in Restov prior to the coming of Choral the Conquerer. Being skilled artisans and not warriors, they did not fight in the war, although the coming of the dragons cost them most of their extended family.
The years immediately following the creation of Brevoy were difficult ones, even for a wealthy family like the Simariths. Few in the new kingdom could afford books, and the damage to the southern cities done by the dragons took many years to repair. They were forced to look further abroad for clients, and Fenthil began to make trips to other cities, including the new capital, to obtain new clients. Among these new clients was the lich XXXX, although the Simarith family remains to this day unaware of his real nature. Aurelimar and Nassirin occasionally accompanied their father on these forays.
It was at this time that Allaras Silbarat, a longtime client and friend, brought his student Lauresselin to their shop. She and Aurelimar became close friends, brought together by their love of knowledge as well as their shared life as a long-lived elf among humans.
As they grew, the two boys learned their parents’ trade, both quickly becoming adept at the various tasks involved in the creation of new books. Narissin, who would one day inherit the business, also occupied himself with the selling of books, and it was ultimately his suggestion that prompted Fenthil to leave the comfort of his shop and carry his wares, and the promise of more, to other cities in the region. Aurelimar, on the other hand, cared more for the knowledge contained within the books, and he dedicated himself more to study and the creation of books than to trade and business. However, his skills as an illuminator earned him additional income when he began to hire himself out as a scribe.
About forty years after the conquest, Aurelimar’s sister Balasia was born. Aurelimar and Narissin adored her, both of them being much older.
In 4559, Narissin married a human woman named Helennia. Barely a year later, their son Kormad was born. In 4604, Lauresselin and Aurelimar were also married. However, not long afterwards, Helennia, being human, soon faded and died, and Narissin never really recovered from it.
When Aurelimar and Lauresselin’s daughter Vanamaril was born, Aurelimar supported her decision to cease her study of magic, although she did continue to write scrolls for the bookstore to sell. They lived comfortably and happily, on the whole, in the same large house that his parents and Narissin and Kormad shared.
Balasia, like her brothers, learned the bookbinding trade, but she found that there was not enough work to support her as well as her parents and brothers and nephew, and instead chose eventually an apprenticeship with a half elven tanner in 4646 when she was 105. His son Calan soon attracted her attention, and they wed a few years later. In 4674, their daughter Seles was born.
The disappearance of House Rogarvia did not disrupt the Simarith family like the conquest had, but it alarmed Aurelimar as much as it did Lauresselin. Vanamaril was already studying with Allaras, but Rilmanor remained at home. He encouraged his son to choose a profession, preferably one that would enable him to defend himself, rather than a trade, for he feared that war was coming. Rilmanor chose to enter Yuelal’s temple, to his father’s relief, for clerical magic would give his son power.
Unfortunately, Narissin’s son Kormad died of old age at around the same time, further dragging Narissin into gloom. He continued to operate the bookstore, his parents then slowly withdrawing from many aspects of the business with their advancing age, but he finds little joy in it.
Lauresselin left Restov in 4708 temporarily to work for House Medveyn, while Aurelimar remained behind. Shortly after she returned, the Swordlords approached her about an expedition to the Stolen Lands. Aurelimar is no adventurer, but he sees the potential in the expedition. Now, Aurelimar accompanies Lauresselin into the Stolen Lands, leaving his family behind. Their two children are apprenticed in Restov, while his brother, sister, and her family all remain in their trades.

Personality, Motivations, and Goals:
Lauresselin is one of the Forlorn, having been raised in a human city. While she accepts elves and half elves and humans equally (having some of each within her own family), she is somewhat cautious about becoming good friends with humans due to their short lives and the frequent pain of losing them. She is often viewed by those who do not know her well as being somewhat cold and having a stronger love for magic and scholarship than for people, but it is mostly out of self-defense. She does not often discuss how she feels except with family members, but she works willingly with others and is not at all reserved when it comes to business and information.

She is passionate about magic and its use, and she believes her powers are a gift that must be used to protect the weak, especially those of her own family. She’s extremely curious, especially about things involving mathematics and engineering, and the ways magic can be put to use in engineering projects, and she can be a little obsessive about investigating how things work.

She’s cynical about human government and its desire for power over the protection of its people, but she also recognizes the need for government. Politically, she dislikes House Rogarvia and House Surtova, having suffered through Choral the Conqueror’s invasion of Rostland. She does not, however, desire civil war. She loves her home city and is proud of her sister, who is one of the Aldori Swordlords, and if war came, she would support the southern lords against the northern.

She loathes red dragons.

She desires to help found a kingdom for the power and security it would bring. She wants to create a place where her family can live and flourish and be safe, and where magic and knowledge can be freely accessible to any who desire to learn. She wants to create a center of culture and learning, one dedicated to protecting the weak.

As the oldest member of the party by far (except the Cavalier, and even he is physically much much younger than she is), she will tend to feel responsible for their well-being and like she needs to look after them.

Family Relationships:

  • Aurelimar – Lauresselin and Aurelimar are very happily married, despite the uncertain times. Aurelimar is not adventurous and prefers a life of study to travel and danger. However, he supports Lauresselin’s desire to create a place of stability for their family. He does not want her to go off on her own and so has accompanied her to the Stolen Lands, although he will remain in camp (or in town, while they are based there) when the party goes out.
  • Perilinel – Perilinel was mother to Lauresselin for a long time, both before and after they came to live with Allaras. She is deeply grateful to her sister for taking care of them after their parents’ death, and she considers that a debt that cannot be repaid. Perilinel does not desire family or children, saying that she’s already raised two daughters, what does she want more for? She enjoys her painting and quiet pastimes, saying that she had enough excitement begging and stealing in the slums before Allaras came. She remains close with her two sisters, despite their differences.
  • Gallorias – Gallorias is a Swordlord and thus a more important member of Restov society than anyone else in either family. She is influential and ambitious. She has never been interested in long term romantic relationships or children, although she cherishes her sister’s children. She is fiery and passionate, and she considers her sister as being a little bit boring for wanting to study all the time. However, she thinks highly of her skills and did not hesitate to recommend her to House Medveyn. She wants her siblings to get ahead in life, and despite their differences remains close with Lauresselin and Aurelimar. Lauresselin is proud of what her sister has accomplished.
  • Aurelimar’s parents – Lauresselin adores Fenthil and Jaliel. During the long century and a half living with them there were occasional clashes, but on the whole, they lived fairly harmoniously together. She worked happily in the bookstore, and the scrolls she created sold well. They do not object to the expedition, considering it a reasonable long-term investment. They are afraid of the coming conflict and feel that a safe haven controlled at least partially by their son and daughter-in-law would offer their other children security.
  • Allaras – Lauresselin remains on good terms with Allaras. While she remembers her own father, she lost him at such a young age and then lived with Allaras for so long that she considers him her father. He is now teaching her daughter.
  • Vanamaril – Vanamaril and Lauresselin are very much alike, which caused some conflict in the house when she was growing up, but now that she is studying with Allaras, it strengthens their relationship. She intends to join her parents in the Stolen Lands, if they are successful in creating something permanent.
  • Rilmanor – he is quiet and grave, more like his father than his mother. Magic of all kinds fascinates him, but he chose to follow the path of divine magic instead of arcane, like his mother and sister. Lauresselin was very surprised by his desire to become a cleric, but clerics are still users of magic, even if it is of a different kind than her own. She did not oppose his chosen profession. She worries more about him than about Vanamaril, mostly because he is younger.
  • Narissin – Narissin and Aurelimar were close in their youth, but since the death of Helenna, Narissin has withdrawn into a somber shell. He envies Aurelimar in his family and in his wife’s elven nature, for he has lost both his wife and his son to age while he lived on. He is not bitter or angry, but he is somber and seldom laughs. He thinks that the expedition is a pipe dream, and that they will come to a bad end in the Stolen Lands. He considers Aurelimar’s departure a kind of betrayal of his family, for he is not helping with the family business. Lauresselin pities him and wishes that he could find peace.
  • Balasia – Lauresselin considers Balasia to be somewhat spoiled and petulant, having grown up as the only daughter with two almost-adult brothers. She likes Balasia, but she does occasionally set Lauresselin’s teeth on edge. She gets along well with Balasia’s husband and daughter and accepts them despite their being half elves.


4320 Hallas Revorian is born in Greengold
4321 Marisal Yelauras is born in Greengold
4327 Jaliel Vanil is born in Restov
4332 Fenthil Simarith is born in Restov
4351 Allaras Silbarat is born in Restov
4430 Marisal and Hallas are married
4431 Marisal and Hallas Revorian leave Kyonin to adventure
4433 Jaliel and Fenthil are married
4448 Narissin Simarith is born in Restov
4453 Marisal and Hallas settle in Restov; Perilinel Revorian is born in Restov
4489 Aurelimar Simarith is born in Restov
4492 Lauresselin Revorian is born in Restov
4497 Gallorias Revorian is born in Restov
4499 Choral the Conquerer invades Rostland; Hallas is killed at the Valley of Fire; Marisal is killed in the following rampage; creation of Brevoy
4508 Fenthil meets the lich Raz Keshar, who becomes a regular client of the family business
4509 Allas Silbarat takes in the Revorian girls; Lauresselin meets Aurelimar and his family
4538 Helennia Veris born in Restov
4540 Perilinel’s master retires and she takes over his business; she moves into her own home; Gallorias enters the Aldori Academy
4541 Balasia Simarith is born in Restov
4550 Gallorias graduates from the Aldori Academy and becomes an Aldori Swordlord
4559 Narissin marries Helennia
4560 Kormad Simarith is born
4599 Aurelimar comes of age
4602 Lauresselin comes of age
4604 Lauresselin and Aurelimar are married
4620 Helennia dies of old age
4626 Vanamaril Simarith is born in Restov; Lauresselin temporarily stops her study of magic
4627 Calan Lethurik is born in Restov
4646 Balasia is apprenticed to Calan’s father
4653 Rilmanor Simarith is born in Restov
4666 Balasia and Calan are married
4674 Seles Lethurik is born in Restov
4678 Allaras takes Vanamaril as an apprentice
4699 all members of House Rogarvia disappear; House Surtova takes the throne
4706 Rilmanor enters his notiviate at the temple of Yuelal; Lauresselin resumes her study of magic; Kormad dies of old age
4708 Gallorias recommends Lauresselin to House Medveyn; Lauresselin enters their employ
4709 Lauresselin and Aurelimar join the Stolen Lands expedition

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