Stolen Kings and Iron Gods

Winter Wonderland

7/8/17 Game and 7/13/17 Online Session

Important Notes:
We never got the results from the last time the explorers went out.
We also put out an APB on Meyanda, and Ted said we would have heard back by now.
We have 9 weeks of downtime to do.

Session Funnies:
Alex: Light a fire. I’ll pee it out.
Ryan: You’re a bird. You can’t aim.

Pranav: Alex, Nakpik killed a guy.
Alex: Alex is laying down on the ground taking a nap.
Patrick: With a hat over his face and a bit of grass in his beak.

Ryan: It’s necromancy. Apparently I’m becoming a gothic bard.
Alex: You’re summoning a donkey fart?
Kevin: They’re not that dissimilar.

Patrick: We can make a new law, and still execute them, because we don’t care about Ex Post Facto laws!

Alex: Remember when I said I was a Shit Crafter?

Ted: We have hills.
Kevin: Do the hills have eyes?
Gina: Are the hills alive with the sound of music?


Quest Hooks:
Trolls continue to be seen in the SW

Notable Locations:
None, because we didn’t do the explorers’ return


  • 8 Neth – The Robot Uprising Has Begun
  • 9 – 30 Neth – downtime (3 weeks)
  • 1 – 7 Kuthona – kingdom turn 9, Pyria’s birthday; winter begins
  • 8 – 31 Kuthona – downtime
  • 1 – 7 Abadius – New Year begins; kingdom turn 10; Lauresselin’s birthday
  • 8 – 31 Abadius – downtime; Aurelimar’s birthday
  • 1 – 7 Calistril – kingdom turn 11
  • 8 – 30 Calistril – downtime
  • 1 – 7 Pharast – kingdom turn 12; Krankor’s birthday; spring begins

Game Notes:
At the start of the session, the party agreed to go investigate the ruin. We were attacked by more robots in the cornfield, including a set of junk golems, which are ridiculously nasty.
Once we finished murdering them, and avoiding burning down the crops, we arrived at the ruin, which was a dome made of plastic. Someone had done a bunch of excavation. There were some clockwork robots outside, and we wrecked them. But as we were standing around outside, a Star Wars torture drone and a giant swarm (troop) of spiders came boiling out of the dome and tried to murder us. The king nearly died, but we managed to save him.

Inside the dome, we found a manufacturing facility, which Krankor gutted and turned into some cyphers. In another room, we found a machine that is in essence a technological forge. Someone had fixed it and turned it on for a specific but unknown purpose, and then they left again. We are reasonably sure that it was Meyanda. Krankor told us that things like this happen in Numeria from time to time.

We went back to Thornfall, where we asked around after Meyanda, but no one has seen her, so we put out an ABP on her. During the downtime for the rest of the month, Krankor had some workers relocate the forge to Thornfall. The workers felt like they were being watched while they worked.

We then spent the winter in Thornfall, ruling and working on our own projects.


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