Stolen Kings and Iron Gods

Pyria Develops a Hunger for BLOOD

7/22/17 Game

Important Notes:
We need Loot and XP from the barrow
Need to determine the kingdom effects of Pyria being dead during the next kingdom phase. Can she still do her job as a wight??

Session Funnies:
Ryan: Alex, when you shoot that dart gun with healing potions, you have to shout, “SENSU BEAN!”
Alex: So you’re turning me into Corin?
Ryan: No. Krillin.

Ted: So, he does thank you-
Kevin: Thank you for conquering my home!

Alex: Let it be known that I’m building the Crow Show. It’s a dinner theater.
Kevin: What happened to Crow’s Jab Shack?
Alex: That’s the comedy hall. It’s coming.

Ted: He was down visiting the firearms facility, because he wants to improve his water purification system-
Kevin: With firearms!

Gina: We need to deal with the trolls.
Pranav: We need to deal with the troll RUMORS.
Kevin: Who’s trolling us with rumors?
Pranav: Tatzltales.

Gina: The next day we head into-
Pranav: Ravenloft?
Patrick: We can’t settle Ravenloft!
Patrick: We send them and they can’t come back!
Gina: So we’re turning Ravenloft into Australia?
Ryan: Isn’t that what Ravenloft already is?

Ted: It says “the kingdom approves this bounty”. WHO approves it? You guys are paying yourselves?
Gina: We voted in Congress to raise our salary because we killed wolves.

Ryan: I’m going to stabify the wolf.
Alex: Did you say you are going to satisfy the wolf?!
Ryan: I changed my mind.
Alex: I know we did that whole section with dances with wolves, but I didn’t think we took it that far!

Alex: It is my professional opinion that Nakpik is dead.
Patrick: Your professional opinion is worthless.

Gina: Sneazel, I don’t need your fur in my wine.
Kevin: But – I need to be involved.

Kevin: I’m going to cast Create Pit.
Alex: You’re going to put it in front of them?
Kevin: In front of them? I’m going to put them IN it!
Alex: Then I can’t shoot them.
Kevin: That sounds like a personal problem.

Ted: He’s a Wight Lord.
Gina: What does that mean?
Kevin: He hates black people.

Gina: Is there any way that Shouty can survive an attack by Alex, Kevin, me, and Patrick? Oh wait, Patrick’s dead.
Alex: Gina. Too soon.

Ted: Patrick gets to roll for Oxzig.
Patrick: He shoots shit.
Gina: He needs to see a gastroenterologist.


Quest Hooks:

  • Forest Drake hunt – rumors of a dragon haunting the southern woods, probably a forest drake
  • troll blood – local alchemist wants some trolls blood for healing potions
  • northern howls – a ferocious warg stalks the Kamelands – Howl of the North Wind – been eating bandits and hunters for years – we’ve already done this one
  • Shamble Sap – shambling mounds are not unheard of, a local herbalist wants some sap from one shambling mound

Notable Locations:

  • J2 – on the eastern side of the shore is an ancient hut, local hunters and trappers warned them not to go poking around there, because there’s an aggressive old crazy hermit lady, and she has some sort of animated scarecrows that chased them off.
  • O2 – candlemere tower, some will-o-wisps were there, lots of odd carvings on it, they had a constant feeling of being watched, very uncomfortable
  • P2 – “mud bowl”, hot spring with bubbling mud and sulfur, 25 foot pool of mud, not hot enough to cause damage, and smells awful, fungus and giant mushrooms (may be creatures)


  • 8 Pharast – Krankor’s birthday party
  • 9 Pharast – too cold to leave
  • 10 Pharast – we leave the town
  • 11 Pharast – arrive in Stagfall
  • 12 Pharast – get to E2
  • 13 – 14 Pharast – exploring E2
  • 15 Pharast – get to F2
  • 16 Pharast – thunderstorm and shelter
  • 17 Pharast – thunderstorm and tornados!
  • 18 – 20 Pharast – explore F2
  • 21 – 23 Pharast – travel back to Thornfall

Game Notes:
We begin the session with 9 weeks of downtime. Various people do various things. Shelynion expands his influence with the nobility. Krankor continues to build his restaurant empire. Lauresselin creates more spells.

During the winter, Khonnor Blaine returns! Lauresselin goes to see him. He is friendly enough, and he is a bit embarrassed about the bandits. He had been the primary deterrent, and with him gone, they moved in. He says thanks for saving the town, and he is actually fairly positive about the growth of the kingdom. Lauresselin extends an open invitation once the university gets up and running for him to get involved, if he wants, and mentions that there are resources he could potentially take advantage of, in return for assistance. She also offers to introduce him to Krankor, if he wants.

He traveled out to Alkenstar City, far south of the equator. They are the only nation in the world with a full-szied gunworks. He wanted to speak to some experts in technology because he wants to improve his water purification system. He is somewhat amused that by the time he got back, we have an aqueduct built.

In early March, Krankor holds a big party for his birthday at one of his restaurants. We try to leave the next day for the south to explore, but it is ludicrously cold. There’s also golden light in the sky. The following day it’s snowing, but we leave anyway.

We head out to Hex F2 to investigate the undead barrow. We go in, and fight a bunch of skeletons, some undead carrion bats, some advanced wights, and a wight lord. Pyria is tragically slain by the wight lord and rises as a wight herself.

Fortunately, it will take her awhile to become fully corrupted by her new undead status, so we all hurry back to Thornfall, where Lauresselin plans to find a scroll of Command Undead. She will use it to keep Pyria in check until we can obtain money and a cleric to cast Resurrection. It is going to involve going to New Stetven.


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