Stolen Kings and Iron Gods

The Founding of the Kingdom

5/6/17 Game

Important Notes:
Ted needs to roll up a cleric of Abadar to be our High Priest, or at least to come scope things out – she is a female Elf named Mariel

Session Funnies:
Ted: So. Where are you going to from here?
Kevin: Celebratory Orgy.

Patrick: An orgy isn’t a good idea. All the cursed ground means that your children would be dhampirs.
Kevin: How else are we going to uncurse it? The blessing of LIFE!
Patrick: …Go on.
Alex: Lay-deeez.

Pranav: Nakpik is going to set a swarm trap to summon a swarm to attack the swarm.

Alex: We have fangberry pie tonight! There’s a grilled balsamic spider leg drizzle on the top!

Ted: You are basically Walker Texas Ranger.
Alex: Fuck yeah!
Kevin: It does mean you are required to roundhouse kick someone at least once a month.

Ted: Finnan is in charge of the escort service
Ryan: I didn’t know it was that kind of caravan.

Kevin: Now you have to have a bard-off!
Ryan: I’ve been to bard-offs. Usually it involves getting shit-faced.

Gina: He’s a tiefling bard!
Kevin: That can be abbreviated ‘tard’!
Pranav: Would a tiefling fighter be abbreviated as a tie-fighter?
Kevin: Probably!


  • Mikmek – one of the League of Skittering Dragons, a kobold cavalier
  • Okzig – one of the League of Skittering Dragons, a kobold hunter
  • Mira Altew- caravan master warrior type, a female half elf mercenary with red hair – we have made her Warden, once she is done with her caravan duties
  • Finnan High-hill – halfling hunter, male survivalist; he is in charge of the caravan escorts; a generally relaxed and jovial fellow
  • Grigori – a tiefling bard; he and Shelynion hit it off well, and he has been appointed as councilor; he came because of the possibilities of material for epic tales and songs
  • Ajah the Firebrand – male ifrit, fire specialist, mixed classes
  • Meyanda – unknown race, possibly of Inevitable heritage with at least some cleric levels, hired as the caravan healer; she didn’t want to tell us her deity; something about her seems a little off, but she’s not hostile or anything
  • Mariel – a female elven cleric of Abadar, traveling to Thornfall to evaluate the possibilities and potentially to become our High Priest(ess)
  • Lumiriel – a female peri-blooded aasimar (emberkin) – arcane soldier, eldritch battlemage, favored of Ragathiel; she is hoping to get a position to found a military school because she believes that if the worldwound isn’t taken care of, it’ll consume the world, maybe was part of the crusade, forging bonds with outsiders or using magic to enhance military
  • Varia – female human aristocrat, she doesn’t want anything to do with Lavius, she’s pretty nice, a little naive, she’s got a bunch of servants and fancy covered wagon, this is all kind of an adventure, she’s deliberately trying to mysterious, Shelynion thinks she’s Galtan (that’s a nation that’s southeast of Restov)
  • Lavius – male human aristocrat, thinks commoners are all scum – he’s here because he sees an opportunity and wants to keep the rabble in line (he might get eaten on the way to Torch under mysterious circumstances)
  • Hiemried, Romar, and Kaina – dwarven thugs – we’re sure they’re up to no good

Quest Hooks:

Notable Locations:
Thornfall – first settlement of the kingdom


  • 31 Pharast – a thunderstorm traps the party at the Stag Lord’s fort
  • 1 Gozran – An even worse thunderstorm!
  • 2 Gozran – Party travels to Hex W and explores
  • 3 Gozran – Party kills some spiders and picks fangberries; Krankor cooks some
  • 4 Gozran – Party sets off for Bokken’s – it’s freezing
  • 5 Gozran – Party arrives at Bokken’s and delivers the fang-berries, then travels to Torch
  • 8 Gozran – Mira’s first caravan arrives in Torch
  • 9 Gozran – Ishri, Lauresselin, and Pryia leave for Restov with Mira’s caravan; Shelynion, Resist, Krankor, and Nakpik leave with the settlers for the settlement site
  • 11 Gozran – Thornfall is founded; the Kingdom of Blackwall comes into being (first kingdom turn begins)
  • 13 Gozran – Ishri and co and the caravan arrive in Restov
  • 14 Gozran – Lauresselin begins crafting the jewelry and the Headband of Alluring Charisma
  • 15 Gozran – Mira’s second caravan leaves for Torch
  • 17 Gozran – Lauresselin finishes the jewelry and the headband
  • 18 Gozran – Lauresselin starts crafting the Banner of Ancient Kings
  • 19 Gozran – Mira’s second caravan arrives in Torch
  • 20 Gozran – Mira leaves for Restov
  • 24 Gozran – Mira arrives in Restov
  • 25 Gozran – Ishri and co and Mira’s third caravan leave for Torch
  • 26 Gozran – Lauresselin finishes the Banner of Ancient Kings
  • 30 Gozran – Mira’s third caravan arrives in Torch
  • 1 Desnus – Kingdom Turn 2 begins
  • 2 Desnus – Ishri and company and the final caravan reaches the settlement

Game Notes:
The game begins with the party at the fort of the Stag Lord. Due to the amount of stuff we have to carry, the party decides to remain there that night to use Anthaul to move it back to Torch. The next day, however, a thunderstorm blows in, and we remain in the fort to have shelter. A second, much larger, thunderstorm comes the following day.

On the fourth day, the party is finally able to leave. We travel west to Hex W, where the fangberries are located. Two days are spent searching it, and eventually we find the field of fangberries. Unfortunately, it is home to a lot of spiders. Lauresselin uses ghost sound to lure the spiders out of the webs, and two large swarms of them come out. Nakpik sets a trap, several other people back up, and the spiders attack several of us. Lauresselin takes strength damage but manages to hit both swarms with burning hands and incinerates them.

The rest of that day is spent gathering fangberries. Lauresselin lies around uselessly because she now has a 4 strength. Krankor cooks up some of the fangberries, which apparently taste amazing, especially with Krankor’s phenomenal cooking skills.

The following day is freezing cold, but we set off for Bokken’s place anyway. Nakpik is bundled up in blankets and rides with Lauresselin so he does not die of the cold.

Bokken is very appreciative and offers to sell us discounted potions, but Resist can make them for even less, so we do not buy any. The party then returns to Torch.

Oleg is thrilled about the defeat of the Stag Lord and throws a small party. In addition, the jail is now complete, and the bandits are imprisoned there. The party goes to talk to Kressle to find out more information about the curse, and we are able to determine that the fort is surrounded by ground with Cursed Earth on it, a 9th level cleric spell. The party is currently unable to dispel that.

The party spends a couple of days in Torch going over plans for where to found our kingdom and arguing about the Cursed Earth problem. On the third day, a large caravan of about 250 people arrives, led by a woman named Mira. She presents Shelynion with a new charter to found a kingdom and informs him that there are 2 more caravans coming soon.

We mingle with the people in charge of the caravan and its safety. Of particular note are Meyanda, Grigori, Ajah, and Fennan. Krankor talks with Fennan about the fey, and he says that it is likely to be one of the trickster fey.

The following day, Mira sets off for Torch. Ishri, Pyria, and Lauresselin go with her to run several important errands, while Shelynion, Resist, Krankor, and Nakpik set off with the settlers for the settlement site.

Ishri and company arrive in Torch. Ishri is able to find a priestess of Abadar to come with us to be High Priest and be in charge of the divine aspects of our kingdom. Lauresselin obtains crafting supplies for magic items and makes Shelynion a silver circlet and some jewelry, and she also obtains some noble’s clothing for him. She also crafts a Headband of Alluring Charisma for Ishri. Pyria provides moral support. When Mira’s third caravan leaves, Ishri and company, along with Miriel the Cleric, traveling with her.

In the kingdom, an Inn and a house are constructed, and Krankor starts a small chef business at the Inn. On 2 Desnus, the final caravan and Ishri and company arrive at the settlement. Lauresselin begins crafting a Banner of Ancient Kings the following day.

Kingdom Roles:

  • Ruler – Shelynion
  • Consort – None (optional)
  • Councilor – Grigori
  • General – Pyria
  • Grand Diplomat – Ishri
  • Heir – None (optional)
  • High Priest – Mariel
  • Magister – Lauresselin
  • Marshal – Krankor
  • Royal Enforcer – Chief Sootscale
  • Spymaster – Resist
  • Treasurer – Aurelimar
  • Vicery – None (not applicable at present)
  • Warden – Mira


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