Stolen Kings and Iron Gods

Crow's Jab Shack

6/10/17 Game

Important Notes:
Look up what our GP limit is now in Thornfall

Session Funnies:
Kevin: The next one will be a martial arts dojo called Crow’s Jab Shack.

Alex: I will build a cemetery here and call it the Rusty Crow!

Alex: Can I sneak up behind someone and put duct tape on their eyes? And then tearing it off does nonlethal damage!

Alex: I’m not psychic, I’m psycho!

Gina: Another option – we could make our OWN entrance.
Ryan: OH YEAH!

Ted: He has really excessive armpit feathers.

Alex: I need to get grease for the doors in the house.
Kevin: Or you can use bacon! Then your house will smell amazing! And you’ll get a baby who loves bacon!
Alex: For a few days, then it’ll rot and smell awful. And my baby will turn vegan and I’ll have to punish you.

Gina: And you have a ballroom in your Crow’s Nest.
Ryan: Was that a euphemism? Because it sounds like it was.

Ryan: Alex, your mouth keeps making noises, but all I’m hearing is “please punch me in the dick”.

Kevin: The courtyard is covered? What holds up the ceiling?!
Ted: Magic!
Kevin: Fucking elves.

Kevin: Shooty spent his turn taking 18 damage.

Patrick: You don’t want to jam too hard.
Alex: Woah woah woah woah!
Ryan: Is that a euphemism?

Alex: I shoot that guy, then stick the smoking barrel against your bleeding wound. What do you do?
Gina: I scream.
Alex: “Sorry, I had to put out my cigarette!”

Ted: It’s dead enough.
Kevin: Dead enough for government work!

Gina: Okay, that’s 5 Celestial Healing. Kevin, how many for you?
Kevin: I’m unharmed! What have you guys been doing that you need healing? I’ve been standing around making entangle checks!


Quest Hooks:

Notable Locations:


  • 17 Rova – arrival at the undead fortress
  • 18 Rova -
  • 19 Rova -
  • 20 Rova – messenger arrives back in town (two weeks from today, we need to be back)

Game Notes:
The keep is an ancient elven keep (probably from before the Starfall). It reeks of death – rotting bodies, rotting vegetation.

Nakpik sneaks around and scouts. He finds a collapsed bit of wall and climbs to peek in. He comes back and reports and doesn’t mention the 3 times he failed to climb the wall.

After some discussion of creating our own entrance, we go around to the side.

The party circles around the central tower, checking the courtyard, and gets attacked by some buff zombies, which we put down. They came out of two of the outer towers, which we search. Then we go to a third tower, which appears to have nothing in it. Lauresselin uses See Invisibility and sees some quicklings. We kill all but one of them, who runs away really fast.

Since See Invisibility has a few minute duration, we sneak around and look into the other towers, and Lumiriel climbs up the central tower stairs while invisible to glance up in the second floor. All we find is an elven woman sleeping on a bed in the central tower.

The fourth outer tower contains a bunch of assassin vines. We have a lot of fun with those, and by fun, I mean Lauresselin and Resist and Shelynion almost die. But we don’t, and we manage to kill them. Pretty much the entire party got grabbed by them at different points during that combat. The fifth tower has nothing interesting (I think there was loot).

Then we go for the central tower. We climb up the stairs towards the second floor, but the woman had come down and hidden on the first floor. She starts dancing, and a good half the party gets mesmerized.

Krankor, Lauresselin, Lumiriel, and Nakpik are the only ones who don’t get mesmerized. Krankor runs down the stairs and grapple her, which goes fairly badly for him because she is a vampire fey and drains him of a bunch of strength and constitution. But he gets her onto the ground. Meanwhile, a swarm of vicious little fey comes down the stairs, attacking everyone on the stairs.

Lumiriel creates a low wall around the woman and Krankor, which wakes up about half of those entranced. Then Lauresselin shoves Shelynion off of the stairs, so he wakes up.

Those down below manage to kill the woman, and then we turn to dealing with the swarm. Unfortunately, it infected Lumiriel with some kind of gross worms, which transfer half of the damage the swarm takes to her. We play a game of toss the wand with Shelynion’s Wand of Burning Hnads, but it just doesn’t do enough damage, when we’re splitting half of it with Lumiriel. So we run.

The next day, we come back with better spells and kill the swarm and loot the castle.


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