The Noble Houses Of Brevoy

The political landscape of Brevoy is dominated by seven great noble houses, most of which date back to before the founding of the nation itself by Choral the Conqueror.

House Garess – The valleys and lowlands of the Golushkin Mountains are the domain of House Garess. The House once had a profitable alliance with a local clan of dwarves, originally serving as brokers and merchants for the ores, metals, and worked goods produces by the Golushkin dwarves. House Garess is ruled by Lord Howlan Garess, and his adoptive heir, Torval Golka.

House Rogarvia – Until 10 years ago, House Rogarvia was the sole ruling line of Brevoy, direct descendants of Choral the Conqueror. A decade ago, the entire ruling line vanished overnight without a trace in an event know referred to as 'The Vanishing'. No evidence of foul play was ever discovered, and several other groups disappeared at the same time – most notably the Golushkin dwarves in western Brevoy, and the mysterious tenants of the tower known as Skywatch in the east.

House Lebeda – The Lebedas of Lake Reykal are known as the most 'Rostlandic' of Brevoy's noble houses, having inherited a great deal of Taldan blood and their fondnress for sword fighting and an appreciation for finer things. Their family seat of Silverhall is one of the grandest castle is Brevoy.

House Orlovsky – Seeks to remain above the current conflicts, refuses to acknowledge Noleski as anything other than Regent.

House Lodovka – Main maritime merchant house.

House Medvyed – Easternmost House, that Ryan belongs to. Nestled between the Icerime Peaks and the Gronzi Forest.

House Surtova – Currently holds the Kingship / Regency, depending on who you're talking to. Has the oldest claim to the throne with the Rogarvias gone, through direct marriage to Choral the Conqueror at the founding of the nation.

The Aldori Swordlords – Not strictly a Noble House, but a political force nonetheless thanks to noble origins. The Aldori School was founded in Restov by Baron Sirian Aldori. The Swordlords are the ones who sent chartered groups out into the Stolen Lands, which is directly west and south of Restov itself.


The Noble Houses Of Brevoy

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