Stolen Kings and Iron Gods

Character Creation!

Are you Batman?

Ted: Your background is important – who you are-

Ryan: If you're Batman?
Ted: Right.

Alex: I could be the party face! I really want to make Krankorc a Gunslinger so I can take Pistol Whip. "You said NO?" Pistol Whip! Diplomacy!
Kevin: You'd have to name your gun Diplomacy!

Gina: Okay, by unanimous decision, we've elected Ryan King!
Alex: Did you pull the Sword from the Stone?
Ryan: No, a watery tart threw it at me!

Kevin: I want to play a druid who's interested in technology to bring back extinct species like DINOSAURS!

Ryan: I am King Bard the Bard.

Alex: I want to carry a pistol and a sword, so I can hit you with my sword and then show you Diplomacy!

Gina: Sweet, I rolled a natural 100!
Ted: For what?
Gina: Both my parents are DEAD.
Kevin: So you're Batman.
Ted: It's too bad it's not for drinking Numerian fluid!

Kevin: I will convince them with my pointed wit !
Alex: That's a dick joke.

Alex: Turkey is the food that my food eats.
Ted: That's kind of horrifying.
Kevin: What IS your food?
Ted: Carnivorous cows, apparently!

Alex: A half Tengu, half orc sibling. A sister, so whatever you just thought of, you have to imagine the female version of that.
Ryan: It's a bird.
Kevin: It's a plane?

Alex: Gina, I had a failed relationship – maybe it was you!
Gina: I'm an elf, you're a Tengu.
Kevin: It started as a PenPal romance, and then when you actually met, you were like, "I feel like there are things you should have mentioned."

Ryan: KING – LN Human Bard
Patrick: GENERAL – LG/LN Tiefling Cavalier
Alex: MARSHAL – Tengu Gunslinger
Kevin: CONSORT?? – CG Half Elf Summoner
Gina: MAGISTER – NG Elf Wizard
Pranav: HIGH PRIEST??? – Divine Caster of some kind

Ryan – 27 year old human; city born; father only living; 1 sibling and 2 half siblings – one half elf and one half orc both born after his mother's death; he's the oldest; parents are gentry of Brevoy, Medvyed, endurance overcomes all, superstitious about woodland creatures; major childhood event – betrayal; came into being a bard as a dabbler; no substantial relationship but some romantic experience; murdered a tradesperson motivated by family, he feels sincere regret about it; tavern buddies with Alex; sensitive about religion; his associate is the Dead One (a lich – the same lich as Kevin – Ryan has  ties to this lich); You're in this to found a kingdom, because there is not enough land to go around, and it's a chance to expand the family's holdings. TO DETERMINE – identities of siblings, who was whose parent
Gina – 217 year-old elf; born in Restov in southern Brevoy; both my parents are DEAD; 2 siblings – one older and one younger; low class birth, yeomen; fall of a major power as childhood event – coming of Choral the Conquerer of House Rogarvia one year after I was born and defeat of Issia and Rostland; chosen magic to right a wrong – magic could have prevented the unleashing of two red dragons on the enemies of Choral; had a mentor who taught me everything; is married; I'm employed by Ryan; weakness is power – want to have influence over the world, which is why I'm in this to found a kingdom. TO DETERMINE - Mentor identity, identity of siblings, details of influence of Choral, identity of spouse and whether there are children and if so their identities
Kevin – 30 year old half elf; raised by a lich – the lich killed his father and took Kevin to raise him as his servant. His mother is still alive and is a thief, but Kevin doesn't remember anything else about his family. He was "saved by another" – Ryan convinced the lich to loan him out to him. The lich lives in the Captial, New Stetvan. He's in this to found a kingdom because the lich told me to. TO DETERMINE : What is the leverage that the lich has over him to keep him loyal despite being far away?
Patrick – 30 year old Tiefling; actual age is unimportant but he was originally born about 900 years ago; his cavalier murdered someone a very long time ago and was cursed and then executed; every time he dies he is reincarnated. He is Ryan's vassal (technicall his father's vassal); he participated in the wars going on in the last few decades; born on the frontier, both parents alive who are peasants, two siblings, reincarnated, military order, influential associate – the fiend, killed someone (cause of death and reincarnation), character flaw is power. In original life, you attempted to kill someone to gain favor with a demonic power in exchange for power. You were caught trying to kill a nobleman, who pulled some strings with powerful friends to curse you to never be allowed an afterlife, to always be reincarnated as something monstrous or evil natured. You were, naturally, executed immediately afterwards. Currently you bear the form of a tiefling born to some poor human peasants in Restov. You were born into the middle of a long war, as you became older you enlisted as a soldier. He's in this to found a kingdom because he can't die, so he wants a place to set up where people can go and find him when he's been reincarnated. He has a fairly vague recollection of what happens, but he doesn't retain skills. TO DETERMINE – identities of parents and siblings, identity of fiend and whether he's still around
Alex – 24 year old Tengu, Numerian; small town, only mother is alive; has three siblings – an older full sister, one half orc/half Tengu older sister, and one younger half elf/half Tengu brother; he was born in the slums, his parents lived in the slums; death in the family (father) greatly affected him; his gunslinger training is a sacred charge, he serves Brigh, goddess of invention; he failed someone (a soldier or warrior) who depended on him because of money; one significant relationship that's over; weakness is pride; associate is the Hunter; he's in this to found a kingdom because he's sick of being poor. TO DETERMINE – nature of failure, how he serves Brigh, and who the Hunter is.
For Ted to determine – who the lich is

Kevin was raised by a lich; Ryan learned history from the lich; Kevin is on loan from the lich, because Ryan managed to convince the lich.
Patrick is a knight in service to Ryan's father. When he gains land, they will transfer vassalage to Ryan.
Alex is Ryan's drinking buddy.
Gina is employed by Ryan.


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